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Aren't you glad I didn't take a whole month to update this time? Well, if you're not, I am. Still, the advantage of taking a long time to update is that you get more stuff updated. But, I really do need all those picture sections up, so, that's exactly what I worked on. Oh, and another little thing... my mom and my aunt both said I have carpel tunnel (or hoever you spell that) which means I have this wrist thing cuz I'm always doing stuff on the computer. -Sigh- I have to lay off a bit because if it gets worse, I'll have to get surgery and everything and then I won't be able to draw and work on this site! That's hell for me! -Cough, cough- Anyway, here are the updated.

Well, I put up the Gally section on the Battle Angel page, but there aren't many other Battle Angel pictures i could find, so that's probably one of the only ones that are gonna be up... because the other sections for that page only have like 15 pictures if you put them together... not a lot if you ask me. I also got the Spike section on the Cowboy Bebop page up just so it could go along with the Faye section ^_^ And the Hikaru section is up in the Magic Knight Rayearth page... I'm not really sure what I'm gonna do with that page, though. I was thinking about only putting up the 3 main people of the series and the group section... but then I had a bunch of other pictures for a bunch of other people, so I added some sections for some people and added a collective confusing section called Others ^.^ I got the The Screws section (hehe) up in the Medabots page... they're all just screenshots, though. Oh, well. And, I updated the Yu-Gi-Oh page... I scanned 5 of my Japanes Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards and enlarged them and put 'em up. They don't look that good, but it's so frickin' hard to find Yu-Gi-Oh pictures online!

That's all the updated this week. Next week I'm hoping to get some MultiMedia up... maybe some Audio and WinAmp Skins stuff... but who knows? It might not even be next week that I update! IF I update next week, I might get the Ayeka section on the Tenchi Muyo page up... and probably a few other picture sections, but I'm currently not sure which ones. I'm also hoping to get some summaries up... maybe CardCaptors... maybe Sailor Moon... maybe DragonBall Z. And, if you didn't notice, I didn't get the Aw Interactive page working yet... but you know I will eventually.

Oh, and look up to the stars... or, rather, the planets cuz there's a planetery alignment that begins... well, yesterday. It ends around May 4 though (Tomb Raider!). It's only 5 of the planets: Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn that are aligning (not colliding, aight Chad). They told me that you can see it with the naked up, but I looked yesterday and I couldn't tell the difference between star or planet (or even airplane). ż_ż «supposed 2 look like someone crying.

Okay, well that's it for this week. Peace out!

Wow, that was a long time to be away from my site, wasn't it? Sorry about it all, but I was getting caught up in a lot of things, so this was my only time to really have the whole few hours in my day to get stuff updated. I got a lot of stuff updated, but I added 4 more animé to my site: Final Fantasy X, Pilot Candidate, Lost Universe, and Serial Experiments Lain. I think you'll be quite pleased with the results.

Ok, well, I'll go in order of animé titles in what I updated. The Faye section in the Cowboy Bebop page was updated, as I had promised last week about putting stuff up for the new animé that were on my site. Crest of the Stars was added, and MegaMan now has new pictures... around 15 more I think. And, also as I said last week, a Pokémon and a Sailor Moon section went up... Brock and Sailor Moon to be exact. And i added 11 more pictures to the Kenshin and Kaoru section just because I had a few more picture of them i hadn't put up before. I was workin on the Tenchi Muyo page, trying to get up the Tenchi section (he's the main character of the frickin' show, but he is the only person who's pictures are hardest to find and has the least amount), and I fixed some of the other Tenchi Muyo sections, and added around 25 more Washu pictures along the way. And, last but not least, Yu-Gi-Oh pictures were put up in its page, but they're only the ones from the official site cuz I couldn't find any others.

But, this site is not all about pictures (or is it?). There's ONE summary up, and that the Ronin Warriors summary, written by Dave. And, more voice sections went up, but only for the two latest animé on my site... which I find quite ironic.

The MultiMedia page was put back up, but i don't know for how long it will be up... I hope they don't cancel my acount again. Anyway, I got up the Cursors and the Icons sections, but they're not completely complete cuz I'm not sure if they work, so if you just happen to be intrested in those kind of things, please go to those sections and tell me if they're working. I also have an Audio and a Lyrics page, but nothing is up yet cuz I don't have that many lyrics and I'm trying to find a way of getting mp3's on my site without being in trouble. But, hey, they're really tight around that law... so I'm still looking for a way.

Fanart was updated, but I'm working on the Fanfics section, so it's still all messed up. But, keep sending! And, as i had explained before, we're going interactive with AW Interactive, which is the profiles of the people who send stuff in. Right now it's not working, though, because I'm still waiting for a few more people to send in their profile thing.

Hmm... what animé news do I have that you may want... did you hear about the DragonBall Z live action movie? Yes, yes, I know what you're gonna say, "Didn't Sailor Moon say they were gonna go do that, but they never did?" Yes, they said they would, and, yes, they never did. But nothing's ever for sure. But, on, they said they were thinking about it and everything. In fact, they said that FUNimation was working with FOX in this little project and that it WILL come out sometime around Fall 2003 or Summer 2004, but will DragonBall Z be popular still? Have hope... and also hope that they cast a REALLY hot guy to be Trunks.

How many of you still like Pokémon? How many of you like Disney? Well, I believe that Disney is really trying to get into the whole animé biz cuz they were the part-owner of Sailor Moon's first 2 season... sort of... in a way... they partly owned DiC. And they did release Dance Dance Revolution U.S.A.... and they had their own little DDR craze with Dance Dance Revolution Disney Rave. And they are joining up with Squaresoft (animé games) to make Kingdom Hearts, due out later this year. So, why not partly own the next two realeases of the Pokémon movies? They can go there if they want... I guess... but why would Miramax be taking on Pokémon? What about 4Kids Entertainment? This raises more questions than i gives answers. But what's for sure (I believe) is that Miramax is realeasing the next two Pokémon movies and maybe even the next after that. I hope Pokémon's popularity doesn't dwindle anymore here.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Come back again. Peace out!

Well, well. Look, I'm back. After my long excursion from my website, I'm finally back. A month is a rather long period of time… well, at least for me it is. Instead of telling you my reason for the long delay, I'm going to tell you what is at hand and what is before us.

Well, I obviously updated, but not as much as you'd expect from someone who's been dormant for a month, but an update is an update. Anyway, I added 18 pictures to the Li & Sakura section *o.o* They're the cutest couple! And another cute couple, Kenshin & Kaoru, their section was added to the Rurouni Kenshin page. I don't like Kaoru that much, but she can be cool. And the Group section on the Escaflowne page was also added… a bit of time ago. I added a lot of new animé to my site… but in the month that I've been working on it, I don't remember which ones new and which ones are older. *^_^ The Quatre section on the Gundam Wing page has also been updated to the new layout… it now has almost 100 pics. I think I added other stuff in the amount of time between now and the last time I updated, but, right now, I'm very oblivious to them.

In the weeks to come, I am hoping to update my site A LOT. Summaries will now have summaries, but right now it doesn't have anything. This site's also going to go a little interactive, such as the people who participate in this site will have a profile, but that won't start taking place until the next time I update. MultiMedia has been taken down because I'm not sure what I can do with it. Tripod won't allow me to have mp3 files on their servers, so I'm leaning towards the idea of just having the lyrics of a lot of the songs. I'll let you know the next time I update. And, what this site is made mostly up of: pictures. I know I've said over and over that I would update certain pages, but I never do. Well, I'm taking a step towards that by preparing Sailor Moon sections and Pokémon sections to be uploaded the next time I update, but don't count too much on it. And, all the new animé that were added to this site are soon gonna have sections… soon.

Now, for news that comes straight from the TV. Digimon and Medabots have moved to ABC Family, but I don't know it they're gonna be taken off from Fox Kids… but it's all possible since Fox Kids isn't gonna be around next season. And, did anybody see Adult Swim on Saturday night/Sunday morning? The shows are really tight, but I'm not that interested in Gundam 0083… I much rather watch Gundam 08th MS Team or Gundam Wing.

So, that's the news this week… or maybe I should say this month. I am very much hoping I will update next week or the week after, but I'm still not sure. Just be patient with me, I have so many things I'm doing right now, like I'm writing this series that I'm gonna to tape in the summer and it's all gonna be animated. And, I have this huge problem with my compyuter… actually, it's just with my power source. The fan that cools it is broken, so my compter always overheats. Hey, didn't I say that I wasn't gona to give any excuses? I WILL update soon. You know I will, count on it! Peace!

I’m starting to get very sloppy with my updating. Well, I had hoped to update sooner, but you know me. Hey, I got the Escaflowne section updated… it is a rather great update since it didn’t have anything anyway previous to this time. Also, Fanart got a big boost this update because I scanned and edited a lot of my old and new pics (just so you could see how bad I was, and how bad I still am) and also a few of Dave’s old pics (just to show you how much better he is at drawing). Also, I’m unsure of where my MultiMedia section is headed, because I might not be able to distribute mp3’s even if some of them aren’t copyrighted. I’m hoping to get this mess figured out, but until then, the ROMs section and the Audio sections, except Originals (newly updated), on the MultiMedia page are completely down.

This week a got a handful of news. There are a few important things you’ve got to know about the animé world (well, here in the U.S., anyway). Do you want the good news or the bad news first? I think I’ll start with the bad news so you can leave this place on a happy note.

Okay, well, as you probably have heard, Fox Kids is selling their Saturday morning block, and now it is finally decided who it will go to. 4Kids Entertainment (yes, the people who share the rights to Pokémon) has won the battle for it, and they only have to pay $25.3 million… A YEAR!! I hope you realize that I’m being sarcastic about the “only” thing. Anyway, this has quite a few different meanings to it. It may mean “Yay, the company that distributes quite a lot of animé is gonna go to the TV!”; but it could also mean, “What’s going to happen to Pokémon and Digimon?” Well, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. They may take Pokémon out from Kids WB and put it in 4Kids’ new block. They may also take out all the shows that we love already on the Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup. So are we gonna lose both Pokémon and Digimon in one blow? I hope not. But this could also mean great opportunities. Yes, 4Kids does mostly distribute kid-friendly animé, but who’s complaining? The more animé, the merrier. But we won’t know what’s going to happen until September 2002.

Some of you may not like the kid-friendly animé or even the cut animé… well, here’s the kinds of news you want. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block is getting a few new recruits and a permanent time period (I hope). Well, starting Saturday, February 23, 2002, YuYu Hakusho (hey, didn’t I just add that to my site?), Pilot Candidate, and Gundam 0083 will play on Adult Swim, along with Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi Muyo. They will be completely uncut, which would explain why it’s called Adult Swim. No one under 17 is supposed to watch it, but my 7-year-old brother and I watch it together cuz we love animé. Anyway, it starts at 11:00 PM with YuYu Hakusho (which I actually saw in the Philippines with the title Ghost Fighter) and continues on until 2:00 AM with Cowboy Bebop, Pilot Candidate, Gundam 0083, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi Muyo. Smile, be happy. ^_^

That was the end of the news this week, but last last week I messed up the link to the Animé Breakdown, so I fixed it. Just click on the link that says “Animé Breakdown” below. Peace.

I’m very sorry about the lack of updates this site has had this Christmas Vacation, but it has just been a long Holiday for me and a very busy one. But, hey, I got some stuff done. I updated a few of my previous picture pages so it won’t be so slow in accessing. Also, a added a few new picture pages. But, unfortunately, my other sections didn’t get as much of an update as I wanted. My Fanfics section is running slow, my Fanart section was forgotten (I forgot my friend’s sketchbook at someone’s house), my Summaries section was put on hold, and my Voices secion is still under heavy-duty construction. But, my little Christmas gift for you is the MultiMedia section, which has only a few updates, but is still a significant amount to mention, so don’t miss out on that, because it is one of the sections that will now be updated frequently.

And, don’t think I had forgotten, the Animé Breakdown 2001 is finally here! A summary of all the good (and the bad) animé has faced in the year 2001 and what’s in store for it this new year. Just click on the picture below that says “Anime Breakdown”.
Animé Breakdown


Hey, I know I’m quite a bit late in updating, but I have 3 good reasons to be. The first would be that my computer is still acting up and just shuts down whenever I max it out, so it was kinda hard to work on a site that needs your computer use up a lot of its power. Second would be that I had finals all this week and I didn’t do too good on some of them. And the third reason would be cuz I was sick over the weekend, and that just took out all my strength to even get up, let alone work on this site. Hehe… I don’t know if you’re all too happy with that, but those are my reasons. But, hey, I got good news! I'm adding new animé my site… and you’re probably saying to yourself, “You haven’t even gotten up the other animé on your site!” Hey, more news for you, I’m updating. Yup, I’m gonna go all out this Christmas break. I’m updating loads of sections, and it ain’t just the picture sections, either. It’s gonna go all out, and I’m not doing it all myself. I’m getting more people to help me out with certain sections on my site, such as the summary sections.

Well, this week, I got the Wufei section up and the Li and Sakura section up… the reason the Li and Sakura section took so long was cuz wanted it to have a lot of pics in there… but it only has 71. Oh, well. Anyway, the animé that are coming to my site (really soon) are Vampire Princess Miyu, YuYu Hakusho, BubbleGum Crisis 2040, and Devil Hunter Yohko.

I’ll get more news in tomorrow, but it’s late, so peace out for now.